Color Guide

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TurkishCoffee  Black

Yellow  MochaBrown

DoveTail  GrizzleGray




The colors listed above are standard color offerings provided by Curecrete Distribution, Inc.  The colors* represented above are typical colors used in the concrete industry, but the customer is not limited to only these select colors.  



Curecrete offers custom color matching for its joint filler products to match any concrete color. Provide your applicator or technical field representative with a hard color sample swatch, or select a color from any of Sherwin Williams color books.


*Please note that colors shown above are not exact color matches and will vary based on the monitor you are using.  We highly recommend requesting color samples or testing a small, discreet area prior to making your final color decision.


Supporting Products

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  • CreteFill Crack Repair

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  • CreteFill Crack Repair EZ

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  • CreteFill Spall Repair

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  • CreteStrip

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  • SDS (English) pdf
  • CreteStrip EU

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • Sales Sheet (Spanish) pdf
  • MSDS pdf
  • MSDS (Spanish) pdf
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