What if my floor dusts or erodes after it has been treated with Ashford Formula?

When the Ashford Formula is applied to structurally sound concrete, the surface will not dust or erode. It is a chemical reaction that takes place 100% of the time. If, however, the concrete surface is not sound, then the Ashford Formula, when applied at standard coverage rates, cannot overcome the deficiencies of problem concrete. In every such case, when the concrete has been tested, the test results have shown that the concrete surface lacked structural integrity at the time the Ashford Formula was applied. The most common problems are excessive carbonation and/or poor water cement ratio. These are surface problems that have nothing to do with the integrity of the underlying substrate. In our experience, however, additional Ashford Formula can be applied to such floors with excellent remedial benefits. With some floors, the problems with the concrete may be so severe that even more Ashford may not help. If you have a floor that is abnormally soft or chalky, call Curecrete or your local agent for guidelines on how to use additional Ashford Formula as a possible remedy.

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