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| 01/29/2010


Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and Ashford Formula are proud to announce its parcticipation in several social media outlets to further advance and promote the Ashford Formula brand worldwide.


Ashford Formula has established an “ashfordformula” channel on containing videos produced and distributed by the corporate office.  While the current videos posted are informational and partially instructional, it is the ultimate goal of the corporate team to continue producing videos that not only instruct, inform and demonstrate, but also showcase real floors, real customers and real testimonies which attest to the performance of Ashford Formula treated concrete floors worldwide.


Ashford Formula has also created a blog to keep customers, clients and associates up-to-date with Ashford Formula news as it happens.  By subscribing to the Ashford Formula blog, readers will be notified of new technical bulletins and articles posted to the website, as well as new case studies, press releases and video content as they are released.  Readers will also be given  the opportunity to comment on blog posts, ask questions and obtain immediate feedback from the corporate office or other readers wishing to reply.  In essence, the blog can serve as an informal online community for all things Ashford Formula.


Ashford Formula has, like many individuals and businesses alike, joined the ranks of the Facebook networking website.  What started out as a way to reconnect with friends, has suddenly become an increasingly important business tool for marketing and networking purposes.  Ashford Formula’s fan page on Facebook hosts news, events, picture galleries, videos and articles of all things Ashford Formula.  There are links with customers, clients and associates who also share and discuss Ashford Formula related news and media as it happens in their region of the world.  To become a fan of the Ashford Formula, visit our homepage at and click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Linked to our Facebook fan page is the Ashford Formula Twitter account which announces new postings on the Ashford Formula Facebook fan page and keeps readers up-to-date with any news that may be going on in the corporate office or with our global team.  To subscribe to our “tweets” visit our homepage at and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

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