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Providing leadership in the concrete densification industry and throughout the Curecrete sales force is a core tenet of the mission and vision of Curecrete Distribution, Inc.  As such, Scott Liggett, CEO of Curecrete Distribution, Inc. invested a significant amount of time this past September supporting and strengthening valuable relationships with our European network of distributors.  Going out into the field and working side by side demonstrates our long-term commitment to our customer base, no matter where in the world that customer is located.

Beginning in England, Stan Watts, Managing Director for Europe, and Toni Jimenez, General Manager for RetroPlate Europa, Curecrete’s European offices for the RetroPlate System, met up with Mr. Liggett and headed out on an intense, 9 day tour.  Their objectives were clear – to support the extensive distributor network across Europe and to visit as many corporate clients as possible.


LEGO Production Plant – located near the border of Ukraine and Hungary, this was a terrific opportunity to meet with LEGO’s main contractor, Kesz, onsite and view the superior work being done by the local application team.


From Left to Right:  CEO Scott Liggett, Hungary Distributor Jernej Seljak, Mr. LEGO, and Stan Watts, Managing Director for Europe.

New Manufacturing Plant – the team also visited a new facility being built in Hungary by a top Fortune 500 company, where the team had meetings with the client who expressed clear satisfaction in the products of Curecrete Distribution, Inc.

A great floor!




Strdin SGD – It was a pleasure for the CEO to sign a contract extension with our long time distributor for the region of the Old Federal Republic of Jugoslavia, Strdin SGD.  The Strdin family is a wonderful example of a company that has grown with Curecrete Distribution, Inc. in Europe, this being their second consecutive contract renewed with Curecrete.


Matjaz Strdin, CEO of Strdin, signing a 5 year Distributor Agreement with Scott Liggett, CEO.

Haselboek GmbH – In Linz, Austria, it was a delight for Mr. Liggett to meet our new distributor for Austria, Haselboek GmbH.  Haselboek GmbH was been a member of the Ashford Formula family for many years, so it was a pleasure to add this most professional organization to the distribution network of Curecrete.  This also gave the team the opportunity to see the production and application skills of Haselboek, and where they were impressed by the high levels of skill required by our Certified Applicators in the field.


Gerhard Mugrauer, CEO of Haselboek GmbH and Scott, so happy to sign up to 5 years of close cooperation.

Til Strobel – The team also visited Stuttgart, Germany to meet with the newest member of the Curecrete European family.  Til Strobel is the recently appointed Proto-Distributor for Germany, and brings great in-depth knowledge of the concrete industry.  Til Strobel is the fourth generation of a family business that goes back to the start of twentieth century.  We are pleased to welcome such an established and honorable company.

ERA Muhendislik Tahhut – In Instanbul, Mr. Liggett had the opportunity to better know our distributor for Turkey, Emir Demirsoy.  Mr. Demirsoy and his company are true examples of honor, integrity, honesty and professional hard work.  Mr. Demirsoy created the densification market in Turkey, and so it was an honor to extend their distributorship for many more years of success into the future.  The team was also able to visit floors being produced in Turkey by European customers Metro and Migros.

These visits to our partners and clients around the world are essential to maintaining strong relationships and building new ones that will bear fruits of success for Curecrete Distribution, Inc.  We are proud to partner with so many well established companies in Europe and look forward to serving many more clients to come.

Many thanks to Stan Watts and Toni Jimenez for their outstanding efforts in making this tour and the promotion of Curecrete products successful throughout Europe.

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