RetroPel™ is an oil and water repellent specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. It prevents oil from penetrating the floor and water reactions that cause whiting.

Newly densified and polished floors remain susceptible to water and oil penetration because the densification process (which aids in mitigating stains) hasn’t been fully achieved. The majority of this process is achieved within the first 48 hours, but continues for up to 6 months. RetroPel provides repellency during this critical phase.

RetroPel has been formulated with advanced, water-based fluoropolymers. These small molecular structures allow for maximum penetration. It is not a topical sealer, but rather, a penetrating sealer that fills the microscopic gaps in the floor’s crystalline structure. It does not change the appearance of the floor.



  • Penetrating sealer that fills microscopic gaps in the floor
  • Protects newly densified and polished floors from water
  • reactions that cause whiting
  • Does not affect the appearance of the floor
  • Easy, stress-free application; less applicator fatigue
  • Does not require burnishing to cure
  • Ideal for all Ashford Formula and RetroPlate treated floors – new or old, standard or colored – and all concrete and terrazzo

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