CreteStrip FS™ is a concentrated stripper formulated to give concrete floors a fresh start in preparation for densification or restoration. CreteStrip FS is designed for concrete and terrazzo floors, aiding in the quick and effective removal of acrylic floor coatings, acrylic curing compounds, waxes, carpet and tile mastic, paint, tire marks, and more! 


  • Accelerated, enhanced clarity in fewer grinding/polishing steps
  • Achieve higher clarity with lower grit diamonds
  • Increased diamond performance as a result of enhanced lubricated environment/slurry
  • Easy to clean slurry from diamonds and floor
  • Can be used on Ashford Formula and RetroPlate floors and in conjunction with all Curecrete supporting products
  • Suitable for new or existing concrete; concrete restoration
  • Single component solution

The KickStart process provides applicators/contractors with the ability to increase efficiency, save on labor and equipment costs, and ultimately increase profits.

Increased Efficiency, Better Results

  • Does not require the floor to be pre-wet overnight
  • Fewer steps than traditional grinding method; allows for quicker progression from metals to hybrids to resins
  • Better performing diamonds as a result of better-lubricated environment

Significant Labor and Equipment Cost Savings

  • Fewer steps, fewer man hours on the job site
  • Fewer steps, and fewer diamond tools needed
  • Less operator fatigue due to an enhanced lubricated environment

Higher Profits

  • Accomplish more work in less time, without the need to hire more labor or purchase more equipment or tools

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