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Your operations all take place on your concrete floor. It can’t be a constant distraction from the primary goals of your business. It needs to be:

  • A Productive, Working Surface
  • Durable
  • Free of Dust
  • Easy to Maintain

In short, it needs the Ashford Formula.


The Ashford Formula seals with a unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry. Over 60 years ago, the Ashford Formula was developed as an alternative to coatings. When this product first came on the market, there were many skeptics who could not believe that one product could permanently make floor surfaces resistant to abrasion, easy to clean and free of dust.

Six decades of performance have proven them wrong. These permanent results are achieved through the unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry. The concept is very simple: a concrete floor surface is internally sealed through a process of crystalline growth. The same reaction also hardens the concrete and locks up the dust. Because the chemistry is inorganic, there is nothing to wear out, scratch or peel.


Your floor needs to be durable. The Ashford Formula makes concrete abrasion resistant. In fact, abrasion testing shows that an Ashford Formula treated floor will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment. The treated concrete will continue to harden over time. The Ashford Formula also acts as a supplement to surface and aggregate hardeners.

For more technical information on Abrasion Resistance, click here.


When used as a curing agent, the Ashford Formula slows the outward migration of water from concrete. Its chemical reaction forms a densified barrier that reduces shrinkage, reduces cracking and reduces hairline checking. And, we have the testing to prove it.

For independent curing test information, click here.


Your floor needs to be free of dust. Concrete naturally creates dust from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. The Ashford Formula combines with the salts in concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dustproofing the surface. This substantially reduces maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and manufactured products from dust particles.


The Ashford Formula also reduces your construction costs. It requires only one, permanent application. This eliminates the need to apply a curing membrane, which requires removal from the floor at a later time.  When used at the time of placement, the Ashford Formula also significantly reduces crazing, or “map cracking” because it stabilizes the surface. This property of the Ashford Formula makes it especially useful for outdoor applications. It makes the concrete resistant to freeze-thaw damage and to the effects of salt-bearing water.

The Ashford Formula eliminates the need for repeated applications of urethanes, waxes, acrylics and other expensive maintenance-intensive floor coatings.  Because the Ashford Formula permanently seals concrete, once sealed foreign matter such as oil, alkali, free lime and traffic scum are easily removed with regular cleaning.  A regular maintenance program is highly recommended for any floor to remove surface contaminants and any acids or other corrosive materials should be removed immediately from the floor.


The Ashford Formula doesn’t stop with sealing, hardening and dustproofing. Steel troweled concrete floors also take on a permanent and attractive marble-like sheen. The longer these floors are subjected to cleaning and traffic, they better they look. Floors treated with the Ashford Formula also have fewer tire marks from forklifts and other equipment. If tire marks do occur, they can be easily removed.


  • Ashford Formula

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  • Technical Info

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  • Chemical Resistance Rating pdf
  • Electrical Conductivity Test pdf
  • HPD v1.0 pdf
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  • LEED Indoor Emission Test pdf
  • Manu-Spec pdf docx
  • NFSI Phase 2 High Traction pdf
  • Reach SDS (English) pdf
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