Single Dose

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CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard – Single Dose makes cleaning your floors convenient and easy.  No measuring, no guessing. Simply empty the contents of any single dose container into the appropriate size cleaning tank or bucket, add fresh water, and you’re ready to start cleaning!  




CreteClean Plus – Single Dose delivers the same benefits as Curecrete’s original CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard, but with added benefits in convenience, safety and cost-savings for the user. 

Additional benefits include:

  • No guesswork
  • Eliminates any possibility of over or under dosing
  • Track costs, inventory and usage easier
  • No multiple packages per tank
  • Uniformity regardless of operator changes 


Single Dose conditions and enhances regular concrete, densified concrete and densified-polished concrete floors. Additionally, it works equally well on all hard surface floors without causing damage to the floor or sealers (other than natural wood). 



  • KickStart

  • Application Instructions pdf
  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • CreteClean Single Dose

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • Janitorial Directions pdf
  • NSF Certification pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • CreteClean Plus w/SG

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • 5 Reasons to Buy pdf
  • Independent Cleaning Test pdf
  • Janitorial Directions pdf
  • NSF Certification pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • SDS (DE) pdf
  • SDS (FR) pdf
  • CreteFill Pro Series

  • Main Brochure pdf
  • Estimated Usage Guide pdf
  • Tint Color Pack SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 65

  • Pro 65 Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 65 Install Guide pdf
  • Pro 65 SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 75

  • Pro 75 Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 75 Install Guide pdf
  • Pro 75 SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 85

  • Pro 85 Install Guide pdf
  • Pro 85 SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 85 (MI)

  • Pro 85 (MI) Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 85 (MI) SDS pdf
  • Pro 85 (MI) Spec docx
  • Pro 85 (MI) CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Crack Repair

  • Crack Repair Sales Sheet pdf
  • Crack Repair Install Guide pdf
  • Crack Repair SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Crack Repair EZ

  • Crack Repair EZ Sale Sheet pdf
  • Crack Repair EZ SDS pdf
  • Crack Repair EZ CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Spall Repair

  • Spall Repair Sales Sheet pdf
  • Spall Repair Install Guide pdf
  • Spall Repair SDS pdf
  • Spall Repair CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Pro Pump

  • Pumps Cut Sheet pdf
  • Pro Pump GC-6 Manual pdf
  • Pro Pump GC-13 Manual pdf
  • CreteFill IsoGone

  • IsoGone Sales Sheet pdf
  • IsoGone SDS pdf
  • CreteStrip

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • SDS (English) pdf
  • CreteStrip EU

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • Sales Sheet (Spanish) pdf
  • SDS (English) pdf
  • SDS (French) pdf
  • SDS (Spanish) pdf
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