KickStart Clarity Enhancer is a unique liquid formulation that provides accelerated and enhanced clarity to hard steel troweled concrete in fewer grinding/polishing steps.  In conjunction with CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard Single Dose and Curecrete’s exclusively designed FLOW diamonds, KickStart produces enhanced clarity at any finish, whether cream, salt ‘n pepper or exposed aggregate.




• Accelerated, enhanced clarity in fewer grinding/polishing steps

• Achieve higher clarity with lower grit diamonds

• Increased diamond performance as a result of enhanced lubricated

• Easy to clean slurry from diamonds and floor

• Can be used on Ashford Formula and RetroPlate floors and in 
:::conjunction with all Curecrete supporting products

• Suitable for new or existing concrete; concrete restoration

• Single component solution



The KickStart process provides applicators/contractors with the ability to increase efficiency, save on labor and equipment costs, and ultimately increase profits.

Increased Efficiency, Better Results

• Does not require floor to be pre-wet overnight

• Fewer steps than traditional grinding method; allows for quicker
:::progression from metals to hybrids to resins

• Better performing diamonds as a result of better lubricated environment


Significant Labor and Equipment Cost Savings

• Fewer steps, less man hours on jobsite

• Fewer steps, less diamond tools needed

• Less operator fatigue due to enhanced lubricated environment


Higher Profits
• Accomplish more work in less time, without the need to hire more labor
:::or purchase more equipment or tools









Email our Supporting Products Team below or call (801) 489-5663.

Peter Wagner

Peter Wagner, Director

Brak Carman

Brak Carman, Tooling Sales Specialist

Jim Varnell

Jim Varnell, Product Support Specialist


  • KickStart

  • Application Instructions pdf
  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • CreteClean Single Dose

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • Janitorial Directions pdf
  • NSF Certification pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • CreteClean Plus w/SG

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • 5 Reasons to Buy pdf
  • Independent Cleaning Test pdf
  • Janitorial Directions pdf
  • NSF Certification pdf
  • SDS (US-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-EN) pdf
  • SDS (Canada-FR) pdf
  • SDS (DE) pdf
  • SDS (FR) pdf
  • CreteFill Pro Series

  • Main Brochure pdf
  • Estimated Usage Guide pdf
  • Tint Color Pack SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 65

  • Pro 65 Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 65 Install Guide pdf
  • Pro 65 SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 75

  • Pro 75 Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 75 Install Guide pdf
  • Pro 75 SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 85

  • Pro 85 Install Guide pdf
  • CreteFill Pro 85 (MI)

  • Pro 85 (MI) Sales Sheet pdf
  • Pro 85 (MI) SDS pdf
  • Pro 85 (MI) Spec docx
  • Pro 85 (MI) CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Crack Repair

  • Crack Repair Sales Sheet pdf
  • Crack Repair Install Guide pdf
  • Crack Repair SDS pdf
  • CreteFill Crack Repair EZ

  • Crack Repair EZ Sale Sheet pdf
  • Crack Repair EZ SDS pdf
  • Crack Repair EZ CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Spall Repair

  • Spall Repair Sales Sheet pdf
  • Spall Repair Install Guide pdf
  • Spall Repair SDS pdf
  • Spall Repair CE Cert pdf
  • CreteFill Pro Pump

  • Pumps Cut Sheet pdf
  • Pro Pump GC-6 Manual pdf
  • Pro Pump GC-13 Manual pdf
  • CreteFill IsoGone

  • IsoGone Sales Sheet pdf
  • IsoGone SDS pdf
  • CreteStrip

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • SDS (English) pdf
  • CreteStrip EU

  • Sales Sheet pdf
  • Sales Sheet (Spanish) pdf
  • SDS (English) pdf
  • SDS (French) pdf
  • SDS (Spanish) pdf
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