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Green From The Beginning

For more than 70 years the Ashford Formula has provided excellent performance and superior results on more than 5 billion ft2 of concrete floors throughout the world. Designed and developed with environmentally responsible ingredients from the very beginning, the Ashford Formula is a product well ahead of its time, and well ahead of today’s current “Green Movement.”

Environmentally Safe

The Ashford Formula is a water-based product that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), nor does it produce fumes, vapors or off-gassing. Its inorganic chemistry penetrates and densifies the concrete, leaving floor surfaces easy to clean, resistant to abrasion and free of dust. Application requires no protective clothing or breathing apparatus.

LEED Point Contributor

Since the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) inaugurated its LEED Program, the Ashford Formula has been widely used for points on many LEED projects. The Ashford Formula is highly recommended for sustainable building projects not only because of its green qualities, but because it spans the lifetime of the concrete and eliminates the need for reapplication.  

NOTE: The USGBC does not certify “LEED Products.”  However, the guidelines state clearly that products with certain properties qualify and can contribute points used in LEED project certification.

*Learn About Specific LEED Credits and How Ashford Formula Can Contribute Points
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Recycled/Re-Used Blue Drums

The Ashford Formula’s signature blue drum is a well-recognized symbol throughout the concrete densification industry. The Ashford Formula is packaged in previously used drums, which minimizes the environmental impact of manufacturing new containers for use. 

Free LEED Examp Prep

Curecrete is excited to be the premier sponsor for GreenCE’s Free LEED Exam Prep program.  This program provides architects and specifiers with the opportunity to stay on top of their field: on their time schedule, and at no cost.

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