The Original Concrete Densifier – Nearly 70 Years

Since Curecrete Chemical Company developed the Ashford Formula’s catalyzed densification process in the late 1940s, the Ashford Formula has led the way in concrete densification technology. As the company that single handedly built the concrete densification industry, its reputation is solidly built on decades of product performance and customer satisfaction.

Ashford Formula’s advanced molecular technology is based on a proprietary catalytic densifying reaction unlike common silicate or silcate/silconate technology so prevalent in the marketplace today making Ashford Formula as uniquely different today as it was nearly 70 years ago.

The more than 5-billion square feet of Ashford Formula treated concrete and countless Ashford Formula treated floors still in service after nearly 70 years of continuous use, attest to the Ashford Formula’s densifying, hardening and dustproofing capabilities.

Ashford Formula has truly set the standard which no other concrete densification manufacturer can come within decades of matching. This unequaled performance combined with Curecrete’s worldwide network of distributors, technical field representatives and certified applicators ensure Ashford Formula floors will provide a lifetime of dependable service.

Our Rich Heritage

The Ashford Formula was developed shortly after WWII by a German Chemist in California. The formula was sold to Alkali Neutralizer Company based in the Los Angeles area in 1949, where the Ashford Formula was extensively specified by architects and engineers and used on various types of industrial floors and parking decks.

Curecrete Chemical Company later purchased the Ashford Formula and production rights. Using the Ashford Formula’s impressive track record and proven performance in California and the Western United States, Curecrete Chemical Company expanded representation and sales throughout the United States and across the globe.

In 1978, Curecrete Chemical Company was purchased by Jerald W. Jones and its corporate headquarters and production were relocated to the State of Utah, in the United States. Mr. Jones began a career long task of continuing to educate decision-makers about the benefits of concrete densification, as well as building a worldwide organization of sales representatives, distributors and technical field support.

The resulting effect of Mr. Jones’ commitment has been the introduction of the Ashford Formula and the densification process to virtually every major user of concrete densification technology today, and over 5-billion square feet of Ashford Formula fortified concrete surfaces worldwide.

Today, the Ashford Formula is the most widely specified and used liquid concrete densifier, sealer and hardener in the world. As the developer of the concrete densification process, Curecrete Chemical Company has single-handedly pioneered and built the densification industry.

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