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| 02/03/2011

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah – February 1, 2011 – Curecrete Distribution, Inc. made a big splash at the World of Concrete Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, USA from January 18 – 21, 2011.  With an all new strategy, the Curecrete Team accomplished what many fellow exhibitors could not do – draw in crowds of attendees to visit our booth and learn more about the full line of proven and innovative concrete strengthening products offered by Curecrete Distribution, Inc.  Despite a 12% drop in registered attendees, the Curecrete booth certainly did not feel the sting of the decrease, as attendees constantly streamed in and out to participate in presentations, watch newly created product videos, or hear the winners of our various drawings and grand prize contests.


The theme selected by the team members of Curecrete Distribution, Inc. for this year’s show was the main focus and the blueprint for our success – “Uncompromised Quality, Innovative Technology…Sixty Years and Counting.”

The goal for this year was to showcase our outstanding history of uncompromised quality, an accomplishment no other competitor can match.  With concrete surfaces still performing today after 60 years of use, the Ashford Formula is truly the world’s leader in concrete densification.  This illustrious history, coupled with the strides made in introducing innovative and cutting edge products, will no doubt propel our reputation and continue the worldwide reach of the world’s leading concrete strengthening products for another sixty years and beyond!


New Booth – Curecrete Distribution, Inc. debuted a brand new booth, complete with a 16 ft. tower, rotating overhead banner, 4 dedicated product kiosks, a presentation wall and seating area for 15, and seven flat screen televisions.  Included in the booth was a 2×2 foot cut-out demonstrating that the Las Vegas Convention Center is an Ashford Formula treated floor.  Many attendees were unaware of this fact, and when educated, were very impressed that our claims could immediately be backed up with proof!

The booth was specifically designed to draw in attendees, to be inviting, as well as educational.  Judging by the number of visitors and leads received, the booth was a major success.  Our efforts were very fruitful, as evidenced by the more than doubling of leads received compared to last year.  We invite you to view pictures of the booth by visiting and clicking on “Read More”.

Videos – Along with a new booth, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. debuted six new videos!  Three videos focused on the strength and superiority of the Ashford Formula, the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System, and our supporting line of products – CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard, the new CreteFill Pro Series, and CreteStrip.

Of special note are the three “Ashford Formula vs. Lithium Silicate” videos, which were specifically created to dispel the myths of lithium silicate and to correct erroneous claims about the Ashford Formula perpetuated by our competitors.  These videos, patterned after the recognizable “PC vs. Mac” commercials, not only took on our lithium competitors head on, but were extremely entertaining as well.  These videos literally stopped attendees in their tracks, and after watching the clips, came into the booth to get more information or talk with a team member.

These videos will be uploaded to the website soon, so please check back to view and share these informative and highly entertaining videos!

Daily Presentations & Promotional Giveaways – In early January, over 3,000 postcards were sent to targeted World of Concrete attendees, inviting them to attend any one of the seven daily presentations held at the Curecrete booth.  These presentations focused on the following topics and were presented by expert members of our team:

·      “Ashford Formula vs. Lithium Silicate: Dispelling Lithium Myths,” by Scott Liggett, CEO

·      “The Ashford Formula: Uncompromised Quality for 60 Years,” by Mark Trunnell

·      “RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System: LEED Point Contributor,” by Vernon Talbot

·      “Diamond Polishing: Superior Diamond Technology,” by Brak Carman

·      “CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard: Innovative Cleaning Technology,” by Christine Tanner

·      “CreteStrip: Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Treatment,” by Stanley Watts

·      “CreteFill Pro Series: Technologically Advanced Joint & Repair Products,” by Gary Dusseau

Each person who attended a presentation was not only well-educated on their chosen topic, but were also rewarded with a promotional giveaway of their choice – an embossed aluminum water bottle with carabiner, a T-shirt in different product colors, or a baseball cap as a thank you from Curecrete Distribution, Inc. for their interest and support.  Each daily presentation was very well attended, and we were gratified to that so many took an interest in our products.

Drawings and Grand Prize – In addition to the promotional giveaways, presentation attendees were also eligible to enter one of seven drawings, one for each product line, and a Grand Prize Drawing.  Each presentation drawing prize included a special edition microfleece jacket, with this year’s theme embroidered on it, and a $50.00 American Express Gift Card.

The Grand Prize offered by Curecrete Distribution, Inc. was our new CreteFill Pro G-6 Polyurea Pump, a value of $4,500.00!  On Thursday, January 20, 2011, an awards ceremony was held at our booth to give out the prizes.  We were so thrilled to see that so many attendees came back to participate in the ceremony, that not only was our booth filled to capacity, the aisles adjacent to our booth were filled with anxious and excited attendees as well.  To top off the celebration, a specially ordered cake was served to cap off a terrific week!

MIP Competition – For the first time, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. entered the annual Most Innovative Products Award Program sponsored by the World of Concrete.  Entered into the competition, in the Construction Materials Category, was our new line of technologically advanced joint filler and repair products, the CreteFill Pro Series.  We are so confident in the superiority and advancement of these joint and repair products that we have no doubt they will be a tremendous success for Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and its customers, whether the competition is won or not.  Voting opened on December 15, 2010 and closed on January 31, 2011.  Results of the competition will be announced on February 15, 2011.  Please visit for more information.

Expanding Our Product Showcase – One of the biggest strategic changes made this year by Curecrete Distribution, Inc. was the decision to showcase our full range of products, rather than solely focusing on our two flagship products as we have in the past.  This year, each product received equal time in the spotlight.  Curecrete Distribution, Inc. took this opportunity to demonstrate our ability to meet the most demanding concrete densification needs. From sealing and strengthening, to fixing and repairing, to grinding and polishing, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. truly has our customers covered.

We thank all of those who participated and supported our efforts at this year’s World of Concrete trade show.  Curecrete Distribution, Inc. looks forward to another successful show in 2012, and we urge each of you to join us as we continue to lead the concrete densification industry forward!


Since Curecrete Chemical Company developed the densification process in the late 1940’s, the world’s first concrete densifier, the Ashford Formula, has led the way in concrete densification technology.  As the company that single-handedly built the concrete densification industry, its reputation is solidly built on decades of product performance and customer satisfaction.

In the ensuing 60 years, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. has expanded its product line to include the world’s first concrete densification/concrete polishing system, the RetroPlate System, as well as other concrete strengthening products.  Through a worldwide network of dedicated sales representatives, distributors, and technical field experts, these innovative and technologically advanced products are the most widely specified concrete densification products on the market today, with over three and a half billion square feet in use throughout the world.

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