| 01/29/2010

The Ashford Formula was recently featured in Concrete Technology Today Magazine (Volume 4, 2009), a publication based in Singapore. The article featured the Ashford Formula’s use on existing concrete floors, and specifically focused on the work completed at the General Motors Service and Parts Operations (SPO) Plant in Drayton Plains, Michigan, USA.

The article focused on the facility’s damaged concrete floors and the more than 50 years of wax build-up that began to chip off under the extreme weight of forklifts. The floors were plagued with “dangerous pits, ridges, and unevenness ” causing forklifts to bounce as they carried heavy loads throughout the facility. Tire markings were also a significant concern as the light reflectivity of the space had been significantly compromised due to the floor’s severe damage.

To find out how the Ashford Formula was used to repair this damaged floor, click here and read the complete article.

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