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| 03/17/2010


New Website Includes Direct Links for Specified Users, New “Performance” Page Featuring Case Study Photos, Articles, Videos and Testimonies, New “Representative/Distributor” Search Feature, New “Green” and “Press” Pages, Links to Social Networking Sites and Enhanced Content

SPRINGVILLE, Utah—March 18, 2010—Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and the Ashford Formula has launched its newly redesigned website,, debuting a fresh and modern design aesthetic, a slew of new features, and improved back-end capabilities to ensure current and up-to-date content.  Curecrete Distribution, Inc. partnered with Research Emotion Design (RED) and Code Greene LLC to create a website that embodies the Ashford Formula’s global identity as theWorld Leader in Concrete Densification, and its commitment to the growing needs of its clients and customers worldwide.


Visitors to the new website will be welcomed by five rotating banners announcing  Ashford Formula events, news and promotions currently happening worldwide.  The main homepage incorporates the Ashford Formula’s signature red color, backed by a steel-gray background.  It prominently showcases moving images of project floors from around the world, quick links and downloads for applicators, building owners, contractors and specifiers, video, rotating testimonials and a square-feet counter box at the bottom of the screen, indicating the current total of concrete floors sealed with the Ashford Formula worldwide.

Viewers are immediately invited to explore the Ashford Formula’s proven performance by simply clicking on any photo, video link or testimony featured on the homepage.  These proven performance pieces have been designed to capture the viewer’s attention and lead them to further explore the extensive list of projects and testimonies located in the website’s newPerformance page.

Performance Page

For more than 60 years, the Ashford Formula has sealed and densified concrete floors in both the United States and the rest of the world.  While competing products on the market today make claims of what their products can do, the new Performance page shows customers exactly how an Ashford Formula floor performs, even after 60 years of use.  No other product available on the market today has as long a history as the Ashford Formula.  For years, special care has been devoted in documenting and recording the Ashford Formula’s numerous successes.  This new website has been custom-designed with capabilities of displaying the Ashford Formula’s more than 60 years of proven performance!

The new Performance page hosts an extensive list of offerings and includes case study photo galleries and articles from every region of the world.  It also includes a video library, client testimonies and reference letters from major worldwide corporations, as well as industry specific profiles.  With more than 3.5 billion square feet of concrete floors treated with the Ashford Formula to date, these galleries, libraries and lists of testimonies will continue to expand and be updated regularly.

Locate A Representative/Distributor Feature

One of the main features of the new website is theRepresentative/Distributor search option which asks customers to submit minimal information, after which, Ashford Formula representative/distributor contact information is displayed.  Providing contact information directly to customers significantly reduces the amount of time a customer would typically spend contacting the corporate office to request representative/distributor contact information.  Customers worldwide will have the flexibility to obtain information and initiate contact according to their needs and respective time zones.  Back-end administration capabilities have also been developed to ensure that contact has been made.

Green Page

From its inception, the Ashford Formula has been Green by Design, long before the Green movement took hold.  The website’s new Green page highlights the Ashford Formula’s environmentally-friendly properties, discusses the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Points System, and determines how the Ashford Formula can contribute to these points.

This page also provides viewers the option to download the Ashford Formula Green by Design pamphlet, as well as the Ashford Formula: LEED Point Contributor information sheet.  Links to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) website, Green Performance and Green News pages can also be accessed via this page.

Press Page

The new Press page will herald the achievements and advances of the Ashford Formula as it continues to lead the way forward in the concrete densification industry.  A primary goal of this website is to ensure that customers and clients remain up-to-date with Ashford Formula news and events.  The new Press page will host all Ashford Formula Press ReleasesNewsGreen NewsEvents and also links to our three main resource sites for Architects and Specifiers: 4Specs.comARCAT andREED Construction Data.

Social Media Links

The new homepage features links to the Ashford Formula Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, where viewers can be kept up-to-date with all things Ashford Formula.  A Blog button has been placed in the main toolbar of the website homepage for easy access to the Ashford Formula Blog, which will serve as a less formal setting for posting news, events and announcements as they occur.  Viewers are welcome to post comments, questions and concerns and receive immediate feedback from the corporate office.

The importance of social media has been growing for a number of years.  Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is proud to utilize these networking websites to further promote and publicize the Ashford Formula, and to keep customers and clients abreast of the latest Ashford Formula developments happening worldwide.

Richer Content

One of the main purposes for redesigning the Ashford Formula website was to allow for richer content, and to provide customers and clients with the information they need, when they want it.  Special consideration has been given to the content supplied on the website, making sure that it is both informative and educational.  Curecrete Distribution, Inc. strongly believes that the more better its customers understand the Ashford Formula, the more confident they will be in purchasing it as a lifetime investment.

Back-End Administration

The new website has been built with a back-end administration feature that gives the corporate office the ability to edit, update and add new content as necessary.  This feature will allow the corporate office to not only remain up-to-date in its content, but also remain current in an ever changing marketplace.

About Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and the Ashford Formula

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the Ashford Formula and is headquartered in Springville, UT, USA.  After purchasing the rights to the Ashford Formula in the late 1970s, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. single-handedly built the concrete densification market in the United States and the rest of the world.

While the concept of concrete densification was new to the rest of the world, the Ashford Formula had been densifying concrete floors since the late 1940s in the Southwest region of the United States.  Now, with more than 60 years of proven performance under its belt, there is no question that the original concrete densifier, the Ashford Formula, remains the World Leader in the Concrete Densification Industry today.

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