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ASTM C 779 – Depth of wear.
Abrasion resistance – Revolving disks. 32.5% improvement at 30 minutes.


ASTM D 3359 – Surface Adhesion
Adhesion of epoxy coatings is 22% higher over untreated samples.  No change in adhesion for polyurethane.

Moisture loss during the critical, initial 24 hour period was determined on treated and untreated samples in a controlled environment cabinet.  Untreated samples registered a 93% greater moisture loss over Ashford Formula treated samples.

ASTM C39 – Compressive Strength
After 7 days, an Ashford Formula treated sample had an increase of 40% more compressive strength than untreated samples.  After 28 days, it had a 38% increase over untreated samples.

ASTM C 805 – Rebound Number
Impact resistance by Schmidt hammer resulted in an incrase of 13.3% for an Ashford Formula treated sample versus untreated samples.

Seepage Rate

Using a 7-foot (2.13 m) head of water on a 4.91 square inch (124.71 mm) area treated with the Ashford Formula, the treated sample only allowed a seepage rate of 0.00073 oz (0.022 cc) per hour.  After several days, the treated sample became damp, but no local seepage was observed.

ASTM C-1028 – Friction
Samples treated with the Ashford Formula were found to be far less slippery than untreated samples.  The coefficient of friction on steel-troweled samples treated with the Ashford Formula versus the reference tile were (a higher ratio represents a reduction in slippage):

Dry – 0.86 vs. 0.71
Wet – 0.69 vs. 0.47

ASTM G 23 – Light Exposure Degradation
Exposure to ultraviolet light and water yielded no evidence of adverse effects on samples treated with the Ashford Formula.

Note: This technical information is provided as a general performance profile for evaluating the appropriate use of Ashford Formula. Test performance results were obtained by independent laboratories under controlled environments. Curecrete Distribution, Inc. makes no claim that these tests, or any other tests, accurately represent actual design and/or usage environments.

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