The Ashford Formula is completely safe to use and has been acknowledged for years as an environmentally friendly product. It is not a pesticide, nor does it have any pesticide characteristics.  It does not support combustion, does not need to be replaced or reapplied, and only produces waste consisting of natural products.  It is a completely inorganic material that becomes part of the concrete surface.

The Ashford Formula is completely water-based, and contains

  • NO solvents
  • NO volatile organic compounds (VOCs) whatsoever
  • NO carcinogens
  • NO mutagens or teratogens
  • NO heavy metals, and
  • NO toxic ingredients.

Additionally, the Ashford Formula produces

  • NO harmful vapors
  • NO harmful fumes
  • NO harmful gases, and

Use of the Ashford Formula requires

  • NO protective clothing, and
  • NO breathing apparatus.

The Ashford Formula is fully compliant with SCAQMD Rule 1113, VOC Content for Architectural Coatings and also carries the REACH approval from the European Common Market.

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